Monday, July 12, 2010

Wordle (Web 2.0 PD Menu)


Wordle is a way to generate word clouds using text. Word clouds can be tweaked by changing the color, fonts, and color schemes of the text. Wordles can be used in different curricular areas within elementary and secondary levels.

Wordles can be saved as a PDF. The following are instructions on how to save a Wordle as a PDF using a MAC and a PC. There's a "Print..." button below the Wordle area, on the left-hand side. Press it. You will be prompted to allow the Wordle "Java applet" to access your printer. Please check the check box that says "Always permit", and accept the dialog.

On the Mac, you'll have to press the "Print..." button again. Mac users can simply "Save as PDF" from their built-in printer dialog.

Windows users will need to use third-party software to generate a PDF from the print dialog. Adobe Acrobat is fine, but u can use the free CutePDF Writer. If you do use CutePDF, you'll also need to install Ghostscript, a free PostScript interpreter.
The PDFs you make in this way are fully scalable, and suitable for making posters, T-Shirts, etc.

Wordle Tip:

If you place a ~ between compound words or words in a sentence, the words, phrase, or sentence will stay together. This is a great tip for educators to know when having their students create Wordles.

Examples of Class Wordles created in CSD:





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I think that the combination of both could result in amazing educational resources for kids.